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Statement regarding Ladybugs Nursey and Pre-school Ltd:

At a meeting of the Wattlesborough Village Hall Trustees and the Executive Committee on 27th July 2023, it was decided with a unanimous vote (with one abstention) that the village hall would no longer provide space for Ladybugs Nursery and Pre-school Ltd, with effect from 1st September 2023.


This decision was not taken lightly but reflects two main issues. Firstly, Ladybugs Nursery has had a long standing reluctance to pay the full rental cost as paid by all other hall users. This is considered unfair to the non profit / charity hall users who are in effect subsidising a private commercial enterprise. The resulting low level of income from nursery barely covers the hall’s costs in terms of utilities and makes no contribution to the ongoing maintenance or development of the village hall facilities.

The second consideration is the recent misleading and untrue newspaper allegations, claims that the village hall committee is inflexible, prevents nursery from fulfilling its true potential and accusations of unfairly high rental charges. The Trustees and the Executive Committee feel that there is an irreparable breakdown in the relationship between the village hall Trustees and the owners of Ladybugs Nursery and Pre-school Ltd.


Ladybugs Nursery have therefore been asked to cease using the hall from 1st September 2023 and to seek alternative premises from which to run their business.


The Trustees feel this will free the small hall for use by other local groups for all ages in our community and is more in keeping with the stated role of the village hall.

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