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Children's Section:                        Judge: Mrs Claire Jones

The age of the entrant must be clearly marked on the exhibit.

Class 1.    A picture of King Charles III (Max. A4 any medium)         

Class 2.    5 fairy cakes                  

Class 3.    A fruit / vegetable animal (max. 12" square)                            

Class 4.    A bowl of hedgerow fruits and nuts (max. 7" diameter)               

Class 5.    An park on a dinner plate


Childrens classes 1 - 3 will be judged in age bands: 

Under 5 years old, 5 - 8 years old,  9 - 11 years old and 12 - 16 years old.

Classes 4 and 5 will be judged across all ages


A cup for the best in show for each age band. 

The Shingler cup for best exhibit in class 4.

The FL Jones cup for the best exhibit in class 5.

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