Hall Renovation

Back at the end of July, a team of volunteers stripped, sanded and re-varnished the hall floor. It took

3 full days. Thanks to everyone involved. Pictures here 

Thanks to the hard work of our secretary and the generosity of the National Lottery, we got two grants: One to remove the old inefficient night storage heaters and replace them with "smart" heaters and two, to replace all the old, rotten windows and doors. Both are going to make a huge difference to the comfort in the hall and our electricity bill!

                               Heater pictures                                              Window pictures

We're generally tidying the hall and surrounds up. There's a variety of jobs to be done: Painting the soffit boards, clearing the brush and weeds, sorting out the lighting in the bar... If you can help out at all for any amount of time, you'd be most welcome. There's no obligation - Honest!

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